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Metta Earth

Metta Earth is a cultural renewal project integrating holistic education, contemplative practice, deep ecology, and regenerative food systems to create resilient community.

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize we are living on unceded Abenaki land, whose ancestral presence is to be honored. We are dedicated to reconnection with indigenous people and beings in co-creative synergy for cultural renewal.

Current Offerings

Current Programs
Current Programs

Our Programs that run all year long, have a variety of…try to keep it to a three line text snippet…

Other Ways To Take Action
More Ways To Participate

There are many ways to get involved with Metta Earth that have a huge impact. One of the many ways…

Visit Our Farm Store
Visit Our Farm Store

Our farm store is full of beautiful gifts from the Metta Earth land that can be purchased online or in person social distanced..

Earth Responders: Resilience Activism

Earth Responders empowers activists in finding pathways for social justice and ecologically restorative land stewardship, regenerative community, and resilient cultural renewal. With richly experiential earth centered learning, community service, support for innovative projects, this project is an emergent and emergency response to the immense challenges now present on the Earth.

Metta Earth’s 10 Year Vision

sustainability education & contemplative practice
worker-owned farm cooperative
residential co-housing cooperative
to become a thriving ecovillage

To help actualize this vision, Metta Earth Institute has just completed a two-year long renovation and upgrade process!

This has been an amazing journey beginning with permit applications, consulting, designing, fundraising, and building. Wow…we are overwhelmed with gratitude for so many who have been part of this intensive project! We want to thank and celebrate all of you. And, we want to celebrate all of you who are friends, participants, team, residents, guests, and others who enjoy being here.

Metta Earth now has a new, big, beautiful kitchen with ash and cherry counters from the local land, handicap access with a new bathroom & bedroom, greater fire safety, and fuller water and septic capacity. We’ve also enhanced the main house with big, bright windows; doors; hardwood flooring; a pantry with foods to offer friends and neighbors; a new porch; an edible landscape with new fruit trees and berries; and big stone steps to welcome you!