A Center for Contemplative Ecology

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Gillian Kapteyn Comstock and Russell Comstock are the present founders, owners and stewards of Metta Earth. Long time communitarians influenced by Quaker values, they have taken up the directing and leadership of the Metta Earth project. As the design of the next phase unfolds, they are ready and eager to share this leadership more fully.

Their love of the circle is great, and they deeply recognize that the next evolutionary necessity is the movement from ego to eco consciousness, and from directive leading to leading from the mysterious center of the circle. The dance has been to guide and lead, yet honor the vibrancy and diversity of community participation. They look for every opportunity to give way to the communal heart.

Gillian and Russell have been life companions for more than 35 years and are parents to three adult children and 5 grandchildren. Through many strong chapters of homesteading and community living, they have continually returned to the wild places, gardens, and sanctuaries of nature as guides supporting others in deep connection with life and Earth. 

For nearly fifteen years, they have grounded their work in the daily rhythm of growing food, farming, teaching, and cultivating strong roots with the Metta Earth land. Their joy is sharing the gifts of place with others through teaching about regenerative food systems, contemplative practices, and community processes.

The circle of Metta Earth is ever growing with residents, team members, and program participants.

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