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Metta Earth Articles

Metta Earth Articles

Deep Green Yoga

Questions for Gillian Kapteyn Comstock

from the Kripalu Yoga Teacher’s Association Yoga Bulletin

Toward a Sustainable World: The Earth Charter in Action

The Ark of Hope and the Temenos Books

by Cameron Davis and Sally Linder

Migrating butterflies rest on the Ark of Hope, their fragile wings covering the paintings on the large wooden chest; pictures of a bodhi tree wafting in the breeze, Nigerian yam beetles crawling underground, a blue hilal casting a shadow on the bowed head of a Vietnamese girl in a wheelchair.

Whether in brushstrokes of spiraling spring waters, or vivid summer colors, the Ark’s painted flora and fauna portray a harmony that reflects the Earth Charter’s vision.

Green Yoga or Eco-Yoga

by Russell Comstock

“Green Yoga or eco-yoga is a recent expression of yoga that draws upon the ancient nature-based roots of the tradition to emphasize awareness of our inherent interdependence with all of nature.

Metta Earth Yoga does not differ significantly from classical yoga as far as the physical poses are concerned; the postures already have a deep association with nature…. Read More

Headstand for the Planet

by Russell Comstock

Can the practice of Yoga postures help to cultivate ecological consciousness?

Might Yoga inspire and encourage us toward environmental activism?

These are questions that come up for me often in my exploration of Yoga and ecology.

Sun, Sand, and Samadhi

from Yoga Journal

Can burying your friends in the sand be a form of Yoga?

According to Russell Comstock, a yoga teacher and outdoor adventure educator, the answer is “absolutely.”

Take your yoga to the beach this summer and reconnect with nature

Call of the Wild

by Lauren Ladoceour and Gillian Kapteyn Comstock

Connect with nature and enjoy being challenged by the elements when you take your practice outside.

Imagine your hands cushioned by the soft loam under a grove of pine trees, your feet resting gently against a sturdy tree, as you revel in the strength and beauty of an outdoor Handstand.

Then, ouch! Your finger presses into a sharp pebble you hadn’t seen.

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Going to the Mountain

by Lauren Ober

Find out why the town of Lincoln, VT is a sought-after refuge for seekers of the spiritual on Seven Days’ article.

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Blog Entry Referencing Metta Tea

from Alice Eckles’ Blog article, “Know Your Local Teas”

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