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Welcome to Metta Earth with its magical beauty of mountains, forests, fields. Metta Earth is a farm and educational retreat center integrating contemplative practice, deep ecology, regenerative food systems, and social activism to create resilient community. Your visit here is an opportunity to rest, relax, and benefit from the rich nourishment of this place.

Your stay will be extra nourishing with our full commitment to offering you organically grown food, most of which is grown right here on the farm.

Our organic dedication extends to the sourcing of all our linens, pillows, towels, beds, and more. We heat with wood harvested in the forests here, and source all our electricity from renewables…solar and offsite investments in wind. The spaces here are natural wood, natural and soft lighting with rustic, farm decor. We make our beeswax candles, homemade kombucha, gluten free bread, and many other products you can purchase from the farm.

Whether you come for one of our programs or for a private retreat, you can visit the sheep, cows, chickens, and cats and see the heritage barn. The fields and forests are great for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and walking. The Green Mountain National Forest trails are all nearby, and the headwaters of the New Haven River with its pure waters are a short walk down the dirt road.


Meals can be vegan or vegetarian (or may include our grass-fed meat, as desired) and are lovingly prepared with seasonal, local and 100% organic foods. A large amount of the vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, milk, and meats come from our organic gardens, greenhouses, and farmstead, while the rest is mostly sourced from local organic farmers in our bioregion. We are happy to co-create menus, if desired, and are able to accommodate for many special dietary needs.

The Community Plan:

Three meals a day at cost of $75/person/day

Breakfast ~ $20 Lunch ~ $25 Dinner ~ $30

Meals will be delivered to a designated spot, and we will ring a bell to let you know the meal is ready. Meals are at approximately at the following times, so it’s helpful if you are nearby during those times to hear the bell, so that your food is still a good temperature. You can decide which meals you would like, give us quantity feedback, and dietary preferences.

• Breakfast 8:30am

• Lunch 12:30pm

• Dinner 6:30pm


During the growing season for 2023, we are able to offer private spaces in several of our yurts, camping, and wall tents. Please return to this page and stay in touch with us, as our main house sleeping spaces open up again.


Yurts are available for individuals, couples, or small groups.

We have four yurts nestled on a knoll among maples, beeches, balsam, and other trees. They each are positioned for a sense of privacy from the others and have little paths connecting them. They all are well loved and humble, beautiful, light filled circular spaces with a round dome skylight, lattice siding, windows with screens for summer use and in winter extra insulation provided by window quilts.

Each yurt has a wood stove for colder weather. The yurts are furnished simply with various configurations of single and double
beds, tables, chairs, shelving, and sheepskins or other floor rugs. At night a few of the paths are lit with solar lamps, so it is wise to bring a flashlight/headlamp as well. Beeswax candles provide inside night lighting. Some of the yurts have string, solar lights around the inside of the yurt walls.

The 20’ yurts provide shared space for up to 4 people and the 16’ yurts provide space for 1-2 people. Organic cotton and natural latex 3” mattresses are provided with organic linens including a pillow and pillow case, set of sheets, wool blanket, and a set of organic towels. Participants need to bring a sleeping bag for extra warmth. If need be, Metta Earth has a few extras available.

The 20’ yurts can also be set up as a group dorm-style sleeping space for larger groups up to 8 people using sleeping pads and sleeping bags, which in this case we ask participants to provide.

At night a few of the yurt paths are lit with solar lamps, but it is wise to bring a flashlight as well. One outhouse is available, but the Metta Earth main house is only a few minutes walk for regular bathrooms.

Each yurt is winterized with insulation and a wood stove and two of them have a view of the fire. When tended carefully the stoves create a warm haven. Bring slippers or indoor shoes for added comfort.

Owl Yurt: This yurt is a 16’ yurt on the northern most section of our East Knoll. It has a wooden floor and a small Jotul stove. This space has filtered light from the forest with three windows, a door with a window, and a skylight dome window. One standard size bed and simple furnishing and rugs offer a cozy space for a single person or couple.

Peregrine Yurt: This yurt is a 20’ yurt nestled in the forest glade with a view of the mountains. It has a wooden floor and a large Jotul stove with glass doors to see the fire. This yurt has a queen bed on a frame and can be outfitted with an additional single bed. Four windows circle the yurt, as well as door with a window, and a skylight dome window. Simple furnishings and rugs bring earthy elegance to this yurt.

Hummingbird Yurt: This yurt is a slightly smaller 16’ yurt nestled into the edge of the woods. It is a bit more rustic with a small wood stove. This yurt can be outfitted with 1-2 single beds on frames and some simple furniture.

Sparrow Yurt: This yurt is a 20’ yurt with a painted barn red floor and a large wood stove. Four windows circle the yurt, as well as a door with a window, and a skylight dome window. This space has a standard size mattress on a frame and can also have 1-2 single beds on a frame. This space has simple furnishings.

Rooms in the Metta Earth House

North Room is a shared space for 2-4 people with a queen bed on a frame and 2 single beds on frames with the option to bring in an extra single mattress on the bamboo floor. This room is spacious and refreshing with views of the mountains and land in three directions. It is filled with light most of the day and has an attached newly remodeled bathroom.

Mountain Room is a shared space for up to 3 people with a natural latex and organic cotton mattress on a frame and a single natural latex and organic cover mattress on a frame, with the option to bring in an extra single mattress on the floor. This room has sustainably harvested bamboo floors, is enriched with an extensive book collection for your enjoyment and has large windows with exquisite views of the garden and mountains. It has a shared bathroom nearby down the hall.

East Room is a shared space for 2 people with a double bed on a frame and a single bed on a frame and has a hardwood floor, adjoining shared bathroom, and views of the mountains and gardens and sunrise.

West Room is a serene, small, upstairs, single room with a hardwood floor and simple décor, also with a shared bathroom. It has a single bed on a frame.

Bell Tents

We have 5 bell tents that are lovely, roundish shaped tents with a peak. Four of them are smaller, one-person tents, and one is larger for a couple or 2 people. We usually provide a mattress and pillow with organic bedding and a sheepskin rug, and a simple storage crate/table. It’s a good idea to bring a sleeping bag for extra warmth, especially in the potentially colder shoulder seasons in May and in September.


If you have a tent, insulated ground mat, and sleeping gear, we have many inspiring sites in the surrounding forest glades, meadows, and fields. Those who choose to camp have access to outdoor composting toilets, a hot water outside faucet for bucket bathing, and outdoor shower available in the warmer seasons. Camping requires a certain hardiness and adequate gear. Weather during the growing season (May – October) in the mountains of Vermont is unpredictable. Temperatures range from freezing temperatures at night in the spring and fall to gloriously warm days and even hot days. $35/night/tent

Other Notes

We also offer the option to be supported with individual sessions in, yoga/meditation, art making fasting or whole foods wellness, deepening connection to nature, or many other ways of guiding, mentoring, or facilitating your experience…always honoring the pure, bare minimum of just being in sanctuary space. For more information about these options, see our Guided Offerings page.

Let us know of any other interests for yurt retreats, and we will be happy to respond further. We enjoy customizing spaces to suit specific needs.

This area of the Green Mountains has limited cell phone access. AT&T seems to have service, and other companies provide some limited access. Our Metta Earth phone line is available for pre-arranged use. The main house has a strong, wireless internet connection, which can be accessed in the main house or on the main house front porch and outside the house in several places.

We ask that dogs and other pets stay in their home territory.

Metta Earth is a sanctuary free from smoking, recreational drugs, and generally alcohol. On some occasions we serve organically grown wine, mead, and such things for some festive events.

Bring a bathing suit and gear for swims in the beautiful nearby New Haven River. You are welcome to walk anywhere on Metta Earth land. Or you may want to walk on the surrounding dirt roads, all with very minimal cars and great mountain views or along the river.

We can give further directions and information about the region when you are here. Let us know your arrival time, and we will greet and orient you.

Warmest welcome!


We are able to team with you to support private retreats or other events in our gardens, wild lands, yurts, wall tents, or indoor spaces. In helping you design your time at Metta Earth, we are committed to providing a host of ecologically sustainable choices.


Metta Earth land includes 158 acres of stunningly beautiful fields, forests, small streams, and variety of ecosystems offering bountiful opportunities for teaching. Accessibility to the land is included in rental of the indoor spaces. Otherwise if you are just coming to the land, we request donations based on mutual attunement.

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