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A Center for Contemplative Ecology

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Site Hosting

We are able to team with you to support private retreats or other events in our gardens, wild lands, yurts, wall tents, or indoor spaces. In helping you design your time at Metta Earth, we are committed to providing a host of ecologically sustainable choices.

Teaching Facilities

Metta Earth House

Metta Earth Institute offers two rooms in our main retreat building that are designated teaching space

Metta Earth Institute:

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room is located on the first floor with lovely views of the garden and abundant light pouring in through large windows. This room features sustainably harvested bamboo flooring with seating options for up to 20 of our comfortable padded and armed chairs plus an additional 15 our meditation cushions (35 total). Or the room can be set up with just meditation benches, meditation cushions (zafus and zabutons), blankets, and/or eco-yoga mats. We have comfortably had groups of 12-15 on yoga mats in this room. The floor dimensions of the room are 17’ x 19’ 18” with a slightly larger actual wall to wall dimensions, because of a small low shelf that goes around two sides of the room. Other yoga props on hand include eye bags, ties, and blocks. A projector and stereo are available for this space for music, presentations or films.

South Room

The South Room upstairs is larger and features hardwood floors, a cathedral ceiling, and big windows with stunning views of the garden, land, and Green Mountains. Cushions and mats are available for this room or sets of beautiful wooden tables and chairs. This room expands out to a magnificent second story deck with expansive views, fresh air, and sunlight. Until we complete our kitchen change renovations, this room currently has an open kitchen in it. It is lovely, but means that gatherings in this room may have meal preparations going on at certain times. This is a great teaching space for any food, plant medicine, farm product, or herb making classes. During off meal times, it is a wonderful seminar or meeting room with mountain views in three directions.

The Yurt

One 20’ yurt can be arranged as a teaching space. (This may also serve as simple sleeping space, as well at night, if desired. See additional document.) All the same props listed for the Yoga Room are available for this space, as requested, except the stereo and projector, as there is no electricity in this space. We can provide beeswax candles for subtle lighting. Depending on the program, we have a variety of other furnishings and supplies, which we are willing to include. We ask that you bring any additional teaching materials and supplies specific to your needs. In cold weather the yurt can be heated with a large Jotul woodstove with a view of the fire.

The Land

Metta Earth land includes 158 acres of stunningly beautiful fields, forests, small streams, and variety of ecosystems offering bountiful opportunities for teaching. Accessibility to the land is included in rental of the indoor spaces. Otherwise if you are just coming to the land, we request donations based on mutual attunement.

Meals and Accommodations

Metta Meals

Meals are vegetarian and are lovingly prepared with seasonal, local and organic foods. Much of our food comes from our own 3⁄4 acre organic garden and farmstead, while the rest is sourced from local organic farmers in our bioregion. We are happy to co-create menus, if desired, and are able to accommodate for many special dietary needs.

The Community Plan:

Three meals a day at cost of $55/person/day

Breakfast ~ $15 Lunch ~ $20 Dinner ~ $20

The Commuter Plan:

Lunch at $20/day/person


Metta Earth House

Bedroom space is available in the main retreat building. All of these rooms are light and airy and are outfitted entirely with organic bedding and linens, handmade pillows filled with sheep fleece, organic sheets and towels, and handmade organic cotton curtains.

See descriptions here. These apply for most group retreats. For smaller retreats, many of these rooms can often become private rooms in the house.