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World Reach Team

World Reach Team

World Reach goes beyond local community – it extends out to the global community. This team is a key aspect of the blueprint for Metta Earth’s evolution towards sustainably sharing alternative, long-lasting & ecologically sound life ways with future generations.

Laura Ahrens

Laura’s teaching is a union of traditional yogic philosophy and a modern perspective on practice.

In her work, physically challenging asana kindles the fire of transformation and focuses strong attention into meditation. Storytelling, metaphorical language, and precisely directed options for alignment teach the tale of our becoming more human.

Laura loves teaching others to be discerning practitioners who synthesize information for themselves. In that spirit, she co-created The New School of Yogic Arts, a teacher training school for those who want to learn to teach the practice of yoga as a living system that breathes differently in each body.

Her current work is a melding of all the different truths of moving and living in yoga that she has had the privilege of learning. Her teaching is an approach to practice and is not style focused. Her classes and other offerings prioritize attention to breath and commitment to the inner work necessary for personal evolution. Laura’s greatest commitment is to living the practice of yoga in the world, and to teach others to do the same.

Her 500 hour training with her teacher Sarah Joy Marsh concentrated on yoga therapeutic concepts at the intersection of tradition and science, emphasizing neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, adaptive yoga, and yoga psychology. She also holds a 200 hour certification in Hatha Vinyasa, 200-hour and advanced certifications in Forrest Yoga taught by Ana Forrest, and completed a year-long mentorship under the guidance of Dr. Heidi Sormaz. She holds a BFA from The University of the Arts, where she honed her own use of story and song, which, since ancient times, have served as instruments of connection and community. Her teachers have paved her path, and she is forever grateful to them and to the teachers of the teachers.

Emma Radeka

Emma Radeka is an environmentalist, educator, wilderness guide, herbalist, and first responder. Raised in Rhode Island, her academic and career pursuits have taken her to places such as Alaska and Costa Rica, but Vermont is her home. She works as a ski patroller at Jay Peak in the winter, and has spent summers working in sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and community herbalism. 

She recently worked as a Backcountry Guide in Seward, Alaska, leading single and multi-day trips through forests, glaciers, and rivers; and as a Wilderness Safety Guide for a rural indigenous Yup’ik community summer camp. She has also worked as the Garden & Education Intern at Spoonful Herbals, led environmental education at Burlington School District, and served as a Teaching Assistant for the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School.

Emma has partnered with Metta Earth in varying forms since January 2020: living on-site as an Earth Responder, remotely coordinating the Herbal Skills Immersion program, mentoring UVM students working on the Metta Earth Herbal Handbook, and providing writing support for the Metta Earth website and Herbal Prospectus. She joined the Board of Directors in January 2021.

Emma is a University of Vermont graduate, with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a certificate in Integrative Healthcare. She is an avid salsa dancer, and enjoys to ski, sail, hike, and mountain bike in her free time.

Chelsea ‘Tulsi’ Wright

Tulsi is an herbalist, Hawaiian massage & breath-work practitioner, leatherworker, jeweler and web designer. She is also a Vermont small business owner, of a botanical company called ‘Moon Rise Botanicals‘ that makes herbal care products for the body, spirit and mind.

Tulsi is passionate about relational, ancestral and trauma healing work. Her focus is on sovereignty of food and herbal medicine for health, land rights and human rights. She is also deeply interested in and pursuing philosophy, re-wilding/nature skills building, growing/harvesting herbs, medicine making in the traditional ways, helping others to discover the importance of their work in the world, supporting BIPOC/LGBTQ communities/foundations, and life-long Native studies and work toward reparations for her own Cherokee ancestors as well as those of the land she walks upon (Abenaki).

She has been involved in Web Design, Administrative Assistance and Herbal Medicine Making projects with Metta Earth since 2017. She has a deep interest in community building, tiny house living and owns a tiny house that will be making its way to the land in the Spring of 2022.

Angela Carvallo

Angela Carvallo is a freelance web designer who has focused primarily on WordPress and Squarespace management for individuals or small organizations for the last nine years. 

Angela is very passionate about all things homesteading and re-connection to land, believing that everyone should have access to land as their inherent right.

Her goals towards land sovereignty and joining in the collective movement to dismantling systems of oppression are what drive her to work with people and non profit organizations who have a similar mission and ethos.

 In the long term she would like to be more involved with organizations and programs related to land reparations for BIPOC. Her long term goals include having a homestead of her own in the mountains and sharing that abundance with community for deep connection and healing.

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