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Metta Tea: Tulsi & Anise Hyssop


Ingredients: Tulsi & Anise Hyssop

This dynamic duo is a warming and uplifting pair. These aromatic, mint-family plants both provide comforting deliciousness. The combination of anise hyssop’s licorice-like flavor and tulsi’s spicy sweetness is a treat to the taste buds and the soul. 

We plant many garden beds of tulsi, starting out as tiny seedlings in the greenhouse and eventually growing strong and tall outside in the gardens. Anise hyssop grows happily in the Puja Garden. This is a popular spot for pollinators, who love tulsi and anise hyssop just as much as we do. 

We harvest tulsi and anise hyssop throughout the summer, pinching off the tops of the plants and hanging them to dry in our warm barn loft. We “garble” these dried plants by snipping them into pieces small enough for tea. 

To make a cup of tea, heat water on a stovetop until just before it reaches a boil. Pour hot water into your drinking vessel of choice and infuse 1 tablespoon of Tulsi and Anise Hyssop Tea via a loose-leaf strainer, or strain the plant matter out after steeping for at least 10 minutes. Be sure to cover your mug while tea is steeping so that none of the aromatic goodness escapes.

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