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Metta Tea: Mountain Meadow


Ingredients: Red clover, calendula, milky oats, nettle, & tulsi

Nestled in a bowl in the heart of the green mountains, Metta Earth is constantly inspired by the wisdom of this ancient mountain range. Unifying plants from the garden, the meadows, and the forests of this land, both cultivated and wildcrafted, this medley provides synergistic nourishment for all who sip it. These plants remind us that the unique gifts of the individual are even stronger when held in the heart of the collective.

We harvest nourishing red clover from the meadows in the Gratitude zone surrounding the main house. In addition to being grown in the Puja Garden, soothing calendula is a wonderful companion plant for tomatoes, and we love to harvest it from our tomato beds. Also rising from the Puja Garden is nutritive stinging nettle, whose prickly zing dissolves once dried for tea. Milky oats, in addition to yielding a restorative and supportive tea, also make a wonderful cover crop for overworked garden beds. We plant them in various garden beds to help restore the soil, and harvest them before they reach maturity for tea.

To make a cup of tea, heat water on a stovetop until just before it reaches a boil. Pour hot water into your drinking vessel of choice and infuse 1 tablespoon of Mountain Meadow Tea via a loose-leaf strainer, or strain the plant matter out after steeping for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to cover your mug while tea is steeping so that none of the aromatic goodness escapes.

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