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Metta Earth Kitchen Book


This collection of photos, recipes, poems, and reflections is offered to you as nourishment for a wholesome, healthy way of life. The recipes, often requested by many of our guests and participants, come from team members, who have passed through our on site kitchen.

Many of the ingredients which constitute meals here come from our own organic garden and farm. We eat what’s in season and use various preservation processes (canning, drying, freezing, fermenting, and storing) to prolong the garden’s gifts throughout the year. You’ll find many tips and recipes here to help store your local harvest.

We hope this kitchen book inspires you in many ways, as well as providing delicious recipes to enjoy. This is our third edition, still in a humble spiral notebook printed locally, with many more renditions ahead and hopefully a full on published cookbook in the future. This is a little treasure we continually restock and offer in ever widening circles.

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