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Metta Salve


Ingredients: Organically grown and sustainably wildcrafted comfrey leaves, calendula blossoms and plantain leaves, infused in organic olive oil, local beeswax and Organic rosemary essential oil

The Metta Salve contains a luxurious blend of herbs, providing nourishment for the skin barrier, while also tending to pain. It is great for wounds, bites/stings and inflammation in the joints/muscles, as well.

Calendula is an amazing flower that is well-known for its uses in skin care. Plantain is traditionally known to be best for wounds inflammation, and bug bites/stings. Comfrey is an excellent herb that has been used for generations, to tend to pain and muscle/joint/cartilage issues – it is important to note that you do not want to put comfrey in a fresh, open wound; best used after the skin has formed a thin layer over the wound.

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