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Metta Tea: Blessed Well Blend 4 oz


Ingredients: Wood Nettle leaves, Echinacea leaves & flowers, Milky Oats seed head, Raspberry leaves, Clover blossoms, and Tulsi leaves, flowers, & stems


This mandala of flavors is an exquisite and exalted blend of five summer herbs from our gardens and meadows. The rich aromatic combination of leaves, flowers, and stems offer wellness enhancing nourishment.

We gather Wood Nettle high in the surrounding mountainsides in the late spring, always selecting just a few plants from each patch growing wild in the forest. We love their mineral rich vitality. Tall, elegant Echinacea plants bring brilliant orange and magenta blossom colors to the gardens and strength and health to the tea drinkers. You may find a big, dried blossom in your tea package…a crown of beauty! Their brilliance attracts a bevy of pollinators. Milky Oats, an annual grain crop, heads up with milky buds that would eventually become grain seeds. In their milky stage, they bring gentleness and relaxation benefits to this blend. We harvest the young raspberry leaves growing wild in the fields offering, when dry, a potent tonic. Clover, humble queen of the blossoms nourishing the honey bees, also gives a warming flavor to this tea. Tulsi, started as tiny seeds in the greenhouse grows to be a small shrub like plant humming with a circus of bees when finally flowering. The little chunks of stems in this blend bring a surprising earthy grounding to this tea, much like a twig tea. The Tulsi blossoms and leaves are a highlight of delicious flavors. We harvest these herbs throughout the growing season and dry them  in our warm barn loft, and then while their brightness is still strong, we mix them into tea blends.

To make a cup of tea, heat water on a stove top until just before it reaches a boil. Pour hot water into your drinking vessel of choice and infuse 1 tablespoon of the herbs in a loose-leaf strainer, or put about a tablespoon per/person in a teapot and steep for at least 10 minutes. Be sure to cover your mug while tea is steeping so that none of the aromatic goodness escapes.


***Please note that all tea and salt blends are for local pick up only, we currently have paused on domestic shipping. Thank you for understanding!

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