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We are out of stock for the Winter, and will have a whole new line of hides which will be available in the Spring of 2022

The sheep hides that we offer are from our very own born and raised at Metta Earth, handled with reverence, love and care. Our sheep are purebred Icelandic. They are grass fed on organically managed pastures, rotationally grazed, and offered free choice minerals, kelp, salts, and herbal remedies. The luster, softness, and vitality of these hides reflect the health of this mountain environment. Some of the hides are short fleeced from a late summer shearing, which some people find preferable. Most of them are sheared in the spring, and not again, which makes for long, elegant fibers. Many of the hides show the multi colored variation of this breed. All of them are sent to Vermont Natural Sheepskins, the only organic tannery in the US. This is a more expensive and yet, sustainable practice than most tanneries. The tanning process makes for sturdy, beautiful coloration and healthy contact with the fibers. Generally, the most variety of hides are available in the late spring and early summer.

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