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MEF Farm Coop Design


Creating Our Future, Together

Next Phase: Residential Farm Cooperative

Metta Earth Farm is intended to be a worker-owned farm cooperative, supporting residential membership through the Metta Earth Community with a goal of ten to fifteen co-op members, each of whom may purchase a share in overall farm assets. MEF is currently opening to residential farm co-op members.

Each resident of Metta Earth Community may purchase a share in the farm cooperative, which provides basic food access. Beyond this, co-op members can develop possible enterprises, which may include plant medicine, tea making, mushroom cultivation, nursery, wool products, and other farm-to-table enterprises.

The Metta Earth Main house, which may also be the common house for Metta Earth Community, provides common dining space, commercial kitchen, and food preservation and storage areas to support food processing enterprises. The existing timber-framed heritage barn is also a common space to support farm enterprises.