METTA EARTH community

A Center for Contemplative Ecology

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Community Design


Metta Earth Community has been formed as an LLC and is structured similarly to the co-housing model. Members have a share in the overall property and own their own dwelling

The main house, four yurts, and four wall tents have been the primary residence for the community team in the first 10 years. Also in this first phase, the Elder House was completed in 2011. It is a carbon neutral green building, powered by a stationary solar array.

It is the first purchased share in the Metta Earth Community. A septic system has been designed, permitted, and built to accommodate this community. Three wells on the property have been drilled to provide water for the com- munity clusters.

A resonance of community culture has been created over the past ten years that now merits the full development of an ecovillage residential community.

Next Phase: Building Design

To support the work of the institute, farm, and other land-based economies created at Metta Earth, the next step is to more fully design the built environment to include housing clusters in the Plentitude and Quietude zones.

In addition, renovations need to be implemented at the main house in Gratitude to comply with ACT 250 permit requirements including a commercial kitchen, handicap access, fire safety codes, and a hook-up to the ecologically designed, permitted, and installed septic system. Significant design work in this regard has already been accomplished.

Within the two zones of Plentitude and Quietude, thirteen residential shares will be available. These dwellings provide homes for faculty, staff, and family working with MEI, as well as co-op members of MEF. It is possible that family mem- bers may create other local economies and/or work off-site, but largely we intend that the Metta Earth Community serves MEI and MEF.

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