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Land Design


Co-Creating Habitats with Nature

Metta Earth is located in Lincoln, Vermont at the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest on an alpine plateau renowned for its extraordinary beauty and energetically charged landscape.

With 158 beautiful acres, Metta Earth is nestled in a bowl of mountains with stunning views in all directions. Meadows, pasture land, and horticultural fields are interspersed with hardwood and evergreen forest, old orchards, stonewalls, seasonal streams, and an enormous variety of wildlife habitat. Walking and hiking places abound, and a magnificent, pure river with clear pools and waterfalls is just a short walk down the road.

Within the Metta Earth Community all land is held in Common. And within the Commons six zones have been designed, each with a different purpose. For example, Plentitude is the farm and residential zone, Quietude and Beatitude area designated as residential zones, and Interlude, Solitude, and Infinitude are designated as community-use zones. Gratitude is designed with an indigenous people’s cultural easement. Shares are purchased to allow for greater community participation, ownership, and stewardship of the land.

Metta Earth Zones of Use


Main Site of Metta Earth Institute Zone


MEI Hermitage Zone


Green Burial Ground Zone


Metta Earth Farm & Residence Zone

Quietude & Beatitude

Metta Earth Community Residence Zones


Indigenous Cultural Easement Zone


Elder House Zone


Biomatrix Research & Development Zone

This watercolor, “Treasure Map” of Metta Earth land design was created by our dear friend and neighbor, Janet Fredericks. This map is an earlier version of the “tudes”, ah, so it is with change.

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