METTA EARTH community

A Center for Contemplative Ecology

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Common Unity in Action

Metta Earth Community is a small, residential, contemplative, eco-community in the early stages of development. The community supports the cultivation of ecological thrivability with the practices of restorative agriculture, biodynamic farming, permaculture, alternative and appropriate energy technologies including solar power, composting systems, green and natural building, and locally sourced hand crafts

The Earth Charter, as a global document, as well as other eco-villages around the world, such as Auroville and Findhorn, are strong guides in this project in creating a just, sustainable, and peaceful future. Metta Earth Community is a forum for collaborative inquiry and the rich development of social permaculture.

The interweaving of an enlivened contemplative consciousness, with the ecology of daily life, nourishes sensitivity to earth and its inhabitants, renewing a compassion for all life.

The seasonal team community, beginning in 2007, has comprised consistently of 5-8 resident members living here and carrying on the first phase of community development work both on the farm and in the institute. The further development of MEC offers MEF members and MEI staff the opportunity to have their own long term dwellings clustered in two zones on the land.

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