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Building community around plant beings & herbal medicine.

The beginning of the Metta Earth Herbals story doesn’t start at the beginning of Metta Earth’s presence on this land — it goes back many millennia, to include the stories of the many beings who have lived on this land throughout history

Our effort with Metta Earth Herbals is to be a part of the planet’s healing process by helping others to immerse themselves in a deep connection with plant beings and herbal healing. We seek to be of service through medicine making, passing on folk knowledge, on-site and virtual immersive education, and herbal donations.

Metta Earth Herbals’ plant medicine work is carried out as an extension of our heart-based, regenerative agricultural practice. It is in the nature of plants to offer gifts of healing and support, and it is also in our nature, as stewards of this abundant land, to give back, restore, and replenish.

We hold gratitude for the many plant ancestors who have called this land home, sustaining this place in which live. We acknowledge that recent humans’ enormous role in the degradation and destruction of natural ecosystems, and the extinction of many nonhuman species, is distinct from the ways in which many indigenous peoples lived in symbiotic relationships with plants.

Herbal remedies can also be found in our Farm Store. These medicinal formulas made from plant materials can be used to treat, cure, prevent, or alleviate symptoms in a holistic way, as well as to sustain overall healthy functioning of the whole body system. The use of herbal remedies expand beyond just the treatment of physical symptoms; they are also used to help target energy and mood. Our herbal remedies come in various different forms such as herbal infusions and decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, culinary creations, syrups, herbal-infused oils, salves, and in capsules.

If you would like to know more about herbal medicine, please look at our Metta Earth Herbal Handbook, which is a wealth of information on the subject.

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