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MEF Animals


Beings of Nature, Connecting Humanity.

We recognize the importance of relationship with all living beings. This is a critically important aspect of how a permaculture is formed, and the way that animals are cared for as a living pillar of the Metta Earth ecosystem

We have been actively cultivating a deeper, long-lasting harmony between the land and those who live amongst it. The small scale diversified farm utilizes all 35 acres of pasture and field with some use of the forest land as well. The farm is located on Metta Earth’s 158 acres of mixed woodlands, fields, and pastures. It includes a restored timber frame heritage barn, a greenhouse, chicken tractors used in rotational grazing, a one acre bio-dynamically nourished garden, various other flower and herb gardens, and a run-in animal shelter. MEF owns flocks of heritage breed animals, including a herd of Milking Shorthorn cows, a flock of Icelandic sheep, laying hens, bees, and two lovable barn cats.

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