METTA EARTH institute

A Center for Contemplative Ecology

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2023 Programs

Refresh. Learn. Engage.

Take a look at what we’re currently offering to learn more about what is possible with Metta Earth Institute.

Enjoy a retreat. Make it your own.

Year Round • Dates to Be Customized

Five people working together to plant bulbs in a field

A New Farmer Training for Food & Plant Medicine Gifting.

April 15-November 15, 2023 • Ongoing Seasonal Applications

Honor the bees. Learn Beekeeping.

May 20 & 21, 2023 • Saturday & Sunday • 9-5 each day

comfrey blossom

Herbal Activism for Wellness Sovereignty.

Ongoing 2023

Immersion in Regenerative Work & Living.

Seasonal Flexibility for Dates

ice forming on water in nature

Source the W E L L. Emerge for Change.

• TBA for 2024

Other Offerings

To be resumed as pandemic conditions allow.

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